Save 20% On Your Natural Gas Heating Bill

    Proven to provide savings of at least
    20% on Gas consumption for:
  1. ALL forced air gas furnaces not designated
    Mid or High efficiency
  2. Most commercial forced air Unit Heaters
  3. Most commercial forced air Roof Top Units

The ThermixX ES96 takes advantage of a design feature found in older, natural draft gas fired furnaces. The heat exchanger is made of heavy metal, which retains heat for long periods of time after the burner is off. The ThermixX harvest this retained heat by shutting off the gas while the fan continues to circulate air around the heat exchanger, just as if the burner was on. As the air is heated the heat exchanger cools, so only a little free heat at a time can be taken before it becomes necessary to ignite the burners again, during a normal heating cycle. When utilizing the ThermixX, at least 20% less gas is burned which readily translates into an immediate 20% saving on heating costs.

  • Certified by CSA
  • Certified by the Federal Governments
    Environmental Choice Program "ECOLOGO"
  • Included in the Ecobuyer catalogue volume 4, 2000
  • 5 Year Manufacturers Warranty

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