Phone Codes
to enter
For information and changing settings
123* To confirm that you understand the problem
456* To find out more information
93* To hang up with Comfort Watch
F* or 3* Present temperature in F deg.
C* or 2* Present temperature in C deg.
9* 9 volt battery charge
M* or 6* Main power voltage
H* or 4* 1 beep means that CW is OFF
2 beeps means that CW is ON
S* or 7* 1 beep means that everything is OK
2 beeps means not normal
827* Unit identification
01* Turn red light on
00* Turn red light off
12(new number)* Fist contact number
15(new number)* Second contact number
14(new number)* Third Contact number (pager number)
44(number of minutes)* Comfort Watch will call on alarm every ??? Minutes
54(number of retries)* Comfort Watch will call up to 30 times
37(temperature)* To change temperature setting
33(high temperature)* To change high temperature alarm
34(low temperature)* To change low temperature alarm
21(minutes)* To change power failure alarm delay
51(rings)* To change number of rings before answering
94(new password)* To change password
96(new ID code)* To change ID code
411* Pulse dialing
410* Touch - tone dialing
390* To set to normally open contact
391* To set to normally closed contact
22(minutes)* To set contact input delay
Number Of Beeps Nature of problem
2 Power outage
3 Water level high or intrusion
4 Comfort Watch battery needs replacing
6 Temperature too LOW or HIGH
Comfort Watch responds to these commands with beeps:
1 Means number one
2 Means number two (and so on)
10 Means number ten

Note: Negative numbers are given with a HIGH-PITCHED beep before temperature beeps.

Note: For Answering Machine that override call Comfort Watch and after one ring hang up. Within 30 seconds call again and Comfort Watch will respond.